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The climate crisis is everyone’s crisis, and everyone’s responsibility to address. Become part of the solution to the world’s looming climate emergency with Maribel Zamora, a tenured educator, environmental advocate, and officer at the Department of Education as she shares her insights on the youth’s responsibility towards the planet.

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The Role of the Youth in Environmental Protection and Preservation

The Role of the Youth in Environmental Protection and Preservation
by Maribel Zamora

May 26, 2021 | 5:00PM
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About our Guest

Maribel Zamora

Maribel Zamora is a Project Development Officer at the Philippine Department of Education. Enriched by her experience as a teacher of nine years, she spearheads the management of the Learning Resource and Materials Development System – a system that aims to improve the quality of and access to basic education for Filipinos. 

She is also the founder of the Toledo City Basura Run in Cebu. The Basura Run is a community service of volunteers who raise public awareness on the importance of responsible garbage disposal. The group of volunteers hold an annual run, wherein the participants pick up the trash they find along their designated route. 

As a true champion for education, learning never stops for Ms. Zamora; she is currently pursuing a Doctor’s Philosophy degree in Technology Management at the Cebu Technological University. Her strong sense of connection with both the younger generations and professionals in the field gives her the unique ability to initiate a powerful alliance between the two communities. 

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