Our purpose is to be at the forefront of the digital revolution by innovating how Filipinos learn.

As an e-learning platform, we aim to build a community of knowledge advocates who want to share their skills to empower Filipino students, mentors and entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves.
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ESME seeks to create a community where learning and skill-sharing is second nature to the Filipino Student, mentor and entrepreneur through an easily-accessible hub where they can develop, share, and monetize skills.
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A message from the founders

We are all watching  the COVID-19 pandemic unfold with feelings of concern and uncertainty. This is uncharted territory – and now more than ever, we must stand by each other.

This current crisis just shows how interconnected Filipinos are today. That may present challenges, but it also enables some remarkable solutions – solutions that entails solidarity to fulfill Filipinos’ essential needs.

With many of us now working from home or pivoting our sources of income, we are finding new ways to support each other with digital tools and innovative technologies. ESME believes that during these difficult times, knowledge is one of the valuable assets a person can have that is pandemic-proof and recession-proof.

Let’s all harness this knowledge by sharing and learning together.

We invite you to be part of this mission.

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