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Looking back on how Enoch Leatherware grew from a passion to a full-fledged business, owner Pia Saminiano teaches us that not only can we find purpose in the things we enjoy, but we can give back to our community too.

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Enoch Leatherware: Passion & Purpose

Enoch Leatherware: Passion & Purpose

Hosted by Sarah Fernandez and Suzie Abela
November 15, 2020
Live on ESME Facebook and Youtube

Pia Saminiano
Co-Founder of Enoch Leatherware

Pia Saminiano graduated from the Mapua Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial Engineering. She then spent the next 20 years in the IT industry, holding the position of Assistant Vice President for a North American Bank in the IT PMO area.

In 2019, she established Enoch Leatherware with her husband Andrew Saminiano. Through this venture, their passion quickly grew into a promising opportunity. In July 2020, the duo decided to take a leap of faith and fully focus in their up-and-coming business. Today, Enoch Leatherware not only provides customers with quality handcrafted leather goods, but they also empower their local community by providing free training to persons with disability.
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The Future of Womxn, Web, Work: Webinar Series
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Sarah Fernandez and Suzie Abela

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