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The webinar will talk about the impacts of climate change especially in ASEAN region. The ways of mitigating these impacts using technologies like GIS mapping and biogas systems will be also discussed. More importantly, sharing insights on the role of youth will be valuable in this climate battle.

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Climate Change, Technology and the Role of Youth

Climate Change, Technology and the role of Youth
by Patricia Mae Paraiso

May 23, 2021 | 10:00AM
Live on ESME Facebook and Youtube
The Evolution of Academic Flexibility - A Distance Learning Innovation

About our Guest

Patricia Mae Paraiso

Patricia Mae Paraiso is currently the Environmental Consultant of the Carbon Finance Support Facility (CFSF) of LANDBANK, which was established in order to provide financing and other services within the context of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project of World Bank. The CDM allows industrialized countries to invest in emission–reduction projects from other economically developing countries instead of extracting into their own emissions. In return, this should mitigate climate change while promoting sustainable development at the same time.


Patricia believes that climate change will be one of the biggest challenges of our time and we will face it together, as a community. The impact that climate change will have on the world will be massive and if we don’t act now, our future will be greatly hindered. We should all come together, the millennials, the cultural leaders, the scientists, the activists, and everyone in between so that we can build a sustainable future together.

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