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    Accounting for Non Accountants

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    • What are we going to learn from this course?

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    Chapter #1: The Basics theories in Accounting

    • Definition and Purpose of Accounting and Financial Reporting

    • The Users and Qualitative Characteristics of Financial State

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    Chapter #2: The Accounting Cycle

    • The start and end of business transaction

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    Chapter #3: Transaction analysis and journal entry preparation

    • The Accounting Equation, Normal Balances & T- Accounts

    • Preparing Journal Entries from an illustrative example

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    Chapter #4: Adjusting Journal Entries

    • Accruals & Defferals

    • Preparing Adjusting Entries from an illustrative example

    • Accruals & Deferraks

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    Chapter #5: Preparation of basic working paper and financial statement

    • Making your working paper

    • Completing your Financial Statements

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    Chapter #6: Basic financial statement analysis

    • Financial Ratios

    • Assessing Company’s Liquidity

    • Assessing Company’s Solvency

    • Assessing Company’s Profitability

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What you will Learn from this Course?

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  • The Basics theories in Accounting

    Understand the basic theories in accounting and site practical and real-life examples of financial statements

  • The Accounting Cycle

    Visualize the accounting cycle in the life of an accounting department

  • Transaction analysis and journal entry preparation

    Understand the concepts in preparing a journal entry with use of an illustrative example.

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