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Rekindle your love and appreciation for the country’s weavers and join the discussion surrounding local art and sustainable culture with FILIOLOGY co-founder Gwendolyn Torres.

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FILIOLOGY: Connecting Local Artisans to a Global Audience

FILIOLOGY: Connecting Local Artisans to a Global Audience
with Gwendolyn Torres
Hosted by Sarah Fernandez and Suzie Abela
March 24, 2021 | 6:00 PM GMT (+8:00)
Live on ESME Facebook and Youtube
Cultivaing Courage to Create Your New Normal with Gina Harris

Gwendolyn Torres

Founder, Filiology

Gwen has diverse experience from multiple industries in USA and Philippines. The majority of her experience comes from marketing in various fields, particularly in the field of school architecture, where her love for design, psychology, technology, engineering, community relations, environmentalism and entrepreneurship converged. Her experience with architecture has lead her to venture towards running her own businesses and working with various non-profits, start-ups and social enterprises, including Filiology.

Her specialty has been diving deep into company or even industry-wide operations & marketing to find the authentic voice and unique value proposition for each of the industries/companies she has worked with and communicating these messages through multiple channels using her skills in writing, photography, analytics, video content creation, graphic design, and even space design. This enables an entity/industry to solidify their strategies from backend operations to front-facing digital and brick & mortar spaces.
Gwendolyn Torres

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Cultivating Courage to Create Your New Normal

ESME Philippines and Passionate and Empowered Womxn Entrepreneurs

The Future of Womxn, Web, Work: Webinar Series
Hosted by
Sarah Fernandez and Suzie Abela

Passionate & Empowered Women Entrepreneurs is an online community that brings together women from all over the world, who are prioritizing their dreams, personal growth, and living a passion-fueled life. This group is a place to collaborate, share, ask questions, keep each other accountable, and support one another as we do what we love - whether it’s a business, an artistic pursuit, or an alternative lifestyle.

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The Future of Womxn, Web and Work (FWWW)

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