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About our Guest

Eli Harrell

Eli Harrell is a serial entrepreneur, student of the human experience and consummate problem solver who, through the painful process of trial and error has become a mapmaker for others. After more than a decade of building successful businesses in the construction industry in Atlanta, he started realizing that he had been pursuing the typical version of success most of us are, but had been failing to ask himself who he was becoming, not to mention who did he want to become and what was he doing to get there.

In his early 30's he sold his businesses and started making changes- abandoning the path prescribed and focusing on building his life intentionally around experiences and growth. After moving his family to Asia in 2014 at the age of 37, he spent 5 years prioritizing learning and personal growth over income.

He is Co-founder & President of Valhalla - a company based in Cebu, Philippines that builds extended software teams for scaling tech companies. He also speaks internationally on leadership and personal mastery and advises for select startups.


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