Course Overview

Love can be challenging. It's putting two complex, different, and imperfect people together. How can we make it work instead of quitting? How can we take care of the complexities so we can make love easier and still exciting?

This Live Learning Series will teach you how to nurture yourself and your relationships through in-depth lessons on communication styles and character strengths using neuro-linguistic and scientific techniques.



Why This Course

  • Matters of the heart affect all of us

  • Understanding yourself can help you understand others.

  • Holistic personal development using neuro-linguistic programming and neuroscience.

  • You will be a better partner, communicator, and individual

Who Is This Course For

  • If you want to reignite the spark again, or improve your communication skills, or discover the secrets to a lasting relationship, then this course is for you!

Meet your Instructors

RR & Carelle Herrera

Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera 

  • Co-founder and CEO of Trainstation Inc. and co-founder of BrainStrong Initiative
  • She is the pioneer of neuro-linguistic programming in the Philippines and certifies NLP Practitioners globally.  
  • She has been mentored as a certified trainer and NLP New Code Master Practitioner, by Dr. John Grinder, the founder of NLP.  
  • She has been doing change work for communities and organizations for the past 2 decades.  
  • She has also studied Applied Neurosciences extensively with the Neuroleadership Institute, Harvard and Wharton Business School.  
  • She has initiated BrainStrong to put NLP and Neuroscience in action to help individuals, organizations and communities.

RR Herrera 

  • Co-Founder of TrainStation Inc and BrainStrong Initiative
  • He is the Chief Strategist of TrainStation  and their change work is in helping organizations and communities through corporate training. 
  • He is a life coach and has been certified in New Code of NLP by Dr. John Grinder, the founder of NLP himself and a Gallup Certified Strengths coach. 
  • He is a Master Practitioner and He has been coaching individuals in calamities, disasters and tragedies for the past decade as well as providing coaching for leaders and individuals through executive coaching.  
  • He is also a former child star and theater actor. 
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Join RR & Carelle Herrera

Live Learning Series

What You'll Learn

  • Get in touch with your emotional and romantic needs

  • Develop your communications skills

  • Understand character strengths

  • Manage conflicts and differences

  • Quick tips and advice on how to make relationships work

What you get?

  • Get 2 Sessions of 2-hour in-depth virtual workshops structured to strengthen couple’s relationship

  • Get unlimited access to downloadable worksheets, lessons & takeways

  • Get unlimited access to Zoom video recording and transcripts

  • Download and share your Digital Certificate

  • Exclusive access to Esme Community of Professional Learners and Educators to network

  • Live Q&A with Carelle and RR Herrera

  • Exclusive access to “student only” Carelle and RR Herrera community

  • BONUS: Relationship activity during the live sessions.


What their students say

Dra. Vicky Belo

Belo Medical Group

Carelle's class on NLP has vastly improved my relationships with my loved ones and patients. Now I understand them better I know how to communicate with them better as well. I've been interested in NLP for over 30 years but it was only with Carelle's unique and entertaining teaching style that I finally understood.

Connie Padilla

Office of the President and DOT

Ms. Carelle Mangaliag and her team of motivational trainers are always my first choice when I want the people working with me to develop self-knowledge and self-confidence, particularly when their work involves surmounting many difficulties and negative forces. Her training sessions are NEVER boring and after spending a few days with her the participants leave with a renewed sense of self-discovery, self-worth, and optimism.

Clarissa Segismundo


Every session with TrainStation is always different. I expect the same amount of energy and enthusiasm from the team and participants, but every time run we fun something with Trainstation they just exceed our expectations,,..Whether It's Carelle or RR, — who are very hands on to the business and projects —or whether they send / someone that we don't know, someone that we never met, or the first time we meet because they were deployed to the project — the quality of the training of how they speak to us, the consistency is always the same.

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  • What makes LLS unique?

    The Live Learning Series is tailored for every Filipino learner who wants to equip themselves with relevant and in-demand skills in finance, entrepreneurship, the digital age, communication, and personal development. Every course is interactive, immersive, and comprehensive, giving all audiences the opportunity to be up close and personal with local industry luminaries. Plus, there are additional worksheets you can download and exclusive Esme communities you can join!

  • How do I sign up?

    In order to start your Esme journey, you have to sign up for an Esme account first! All of your enrolled, viewed, and previewed courses will be saved in your student dashboard.

  • How do I enroll?

    Got your eye on an LLS workshop? Just click on your chosen course via and look for the "reserve your seat" button on the upper left corner of the workshop landing page! Or you can also purchase tickets through this link:

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    Yes, you can! You can pay 50% upon enrollment, and then you can pay the other half 30 days after the initial payment or after the 1st session of the LLS course.

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  • Are there discounts available?

    Pay upfront Pay Less (Discount depends on the course value)

  • How do I stream the course?

    On the day of your Live Learning Series, click on your dashboard and then your course. This will automatically take you to your course player which will provide you with three options to join the Zoom meeting.

  • Will there be recordings available after the course?

    Yes, recordings will be uploaded within 48 hours after the workshop in your course player. You will have lifetime access to these recordings anytime you want!

  • How do I get my certificate?

Pricing options

Pay via Credit or Debit Card, Paypal

Other payment options available: BDO, BPI, Security Bank, GCash, 7-Eleven, GrabPay, (Message us on FB or Chat with us to avail these payment options)

  • Pay 50% after 30 days

    ₱2,999.50 X 2 = ₱5,999.00

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