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Taking care of your parents means you have to take care of yourself too. Find out how you can balance the two in this webinar by author Anna de Chavez!

Get an exclusive sneak peek at Anna De Chavez’s upcoming book The Pinoy Sandwich Generation Toolkit, your ultimate guide to taking care of yourself while taking care of your ageing parents!

About our Guest

Anna de Chavez

Anna de Chavez has two decades of expertise in the fields of development finance, microfinance operations, small business lending and social enterprise investment. She is a proud graduate of the University of the Philippines, holding a degree in Economics, Anna's significant skills are on market research, product design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation and assessment of microfinance institutions. 

She also specializes in designing short courses that focus on microfinance and conduct training and follow-thru activities. She also worked for some institutions such as: 

  • BPI Globe Banko as wholesale loan lead which she managed a 1 billion portfolio and maintained a healthy loan portfolio, 
  • Credit Access Philippines Company Inc. as a Retail Lending Head for Individual Lending that trains and coaches account managers that lead the microfinance operations in Luzon and Mindanao, 
  • Peace and Equity Holdings Inc. as investment manager who developed an investment manual specifically on financial and social due diligence process, 
  • Sugbuanon Rural Bank as Retail Lending Unit Head and Consultant which assists and monitors the bank that will increase scale, profitability and developmental impact on a cost-effective basis using Micro Financing Best Practices, 
  • Planters Development Bank as Senior Manager and Area Head for Luzon who oversees the overall implementation of the banks business plan in Luzon Area. 

She also served as Assistant Vice President and Area Head for Luzon of Micro Enterprise Bank which is an affiliate of Planters Development Bank which she also oversees the business plan of the area she handled, monitored portfolio growth and quality and retention of clients and microfinance staff. She also worked for some institutions as a top-level manager that focuses on leading departments in a bank and financing company and social enterprise investment. She has a blended micro-finance and small business experience  as a trainer, practitioner, technical adviser and program funder.

At present, Anna is working under USAID Clean Cities Blue Ocean Project as Woman in Waste's Economic Empowerment Activity Manager. Her book entitled, "Pinoy Sandwich Generation Toolkit" will be out soon!

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