Course Overview

The best way to learn strategic foresight IS by playing it!
Strategic foresight allows you to utilize games and simulation as a strategy for leadership, decision-making, planning, design, innovation, and strategy development. Through intuitive games, you can harness local and collective insight to create a more robust, resilient, and regenerative future.



Why This Course

“The future has always been entangled with gaming” Prof. Sohail Inayatullah

  • Hybrid futures thinking techniques enable learners to forecast, experiment, create and simulate alternative future worlds.

  • High level institutions like the Asian Development Bank, and the OECD and global Fortune 500 companies gamify their foresight events to deepen and expand their visions to create long-term and future-proof strategies.

  • Intuitive foresight game processes enable us to link our inner self with our vision for the future.

Who Is This Course For

  • If you’re an innovative leader, a visionary, or an enthusiast who wants to maximize your potential to chart the best future, then this course is for you!

Meet your Instructor

Professor Shermon Cruz

  • Prof. Shermon Cruz is one of Asia's leading global futurists and the only Filipino futurists with full membership in the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). Prof. Cruz was recently elected to the board of directors of the Association of Professional Futurists, a global futurists organization with 500 members from over 40 countries. 
  • Chief Futurist and Director of the Center For Engaged Foresight, a premier global futures thinking and strategic foresight consulting firm based in Manila. 
  • Co-founder, Lead Futurist, and Vice President of the Philippine Futures Thinking Society, professional futures thinking organization in the Philippines.
  • Chair of the Millennium Project Philippines Node, an independent futures research think tank connected to The Millennium Project, a global foresight think tank that publishes the Global State of the Future Index and Work/Technology Futures 2050: Scenarios and Actions
  • Supervising Fellow Futures Thinking Program, Development Academy of the Philippines 
  • Senior Curator and Global Futures Literacy Expert at UNESCO
  • Served as a foresight consultant, expert, and resource to the Asian Development Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation, East-West Center, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, United Nations Framework for Climate Change, Asia Pacific Foresight Group CSIRO Data 61, the National Academy of Science and Technology, Senate Committee on SDGs, Futures Thinking and Innovation etc.
  • Regional Editor, Journal of Futures Studies
  • Chair of the Asia Pacific Futures Network Regenerating Asia 2050 Summit attended by 100 futurists and 600 participants from different parts of the world. 
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Join Prof. Shermon Cruz

Live Learning Series

What You'll Learn

  • Learn game-based strategic foresight theories and methods.

  • Learn to play and utilize foresight games and simulations for engagement and learning.

  • Learn to build future worlds out of chaos and randomness and simulate hybrid scenarios linked to inner transformation, planning, decision-making, innovation, and strategy development.

  • Open up, self-contemplate, and collectively reflect to gain and harness insights.

What you get?

This live learning session enables you to leap forward, to better imagine and make sense of the future.

  • Get 2 Sessions of 3-hour in-depth virtual workshops structured to develop successful learners

  • Get unlimited access to downloadable worksheets, lessons & takeways

  • Get unlimited access to Zoom video recording and transcripts

  • Download and share your Digital Certificate accredited by Engaged Foresight

  • Exclusive access to Esme Community of Professional Learners and Educators to network

  • Live Q&A with Shermon Cruz

  • Exclusive access to “student only” Shermon Cruz community

  • BONUS: Includes a Gaming Strategic Foresight workbook and toolkit developed by the Center for Engaged Foresight.

What students say

Case Studies & Testimonials

Reflections and testimonies from participants attending Prof. Shermon Cruz strategic foresight workshops: 

 "I enjoyed the process because it deviates from the usual planning and scenarios that do not take in random factors and random triggers that could happen. One of the key takeaways in the three stages of the scenario building process, one of the game-changer was leadership and movement. No matter how good our dreams were, once we put in the person who had the power, everything changed. It was enjoyable and the game was insightful.".  

“I appreciated it despite that we played it for an hour only, it kind of mimicked how we view the future, the discomfort it, the difficulty of trying to plan it out, especially with the many changes, especially the abrupt changes. I think this exercise is particularly good in developing flexibility and then creativity as well and how to handle it, and then another layer comes in. It is interesting to see how a group could unite different ideas and views and see how people lean to a particular narrative.”

I dream to have a positive future but it made me feel anxious about how the future could unfold. It made me realize that I need to strive harder to prevent the bad future from occurring. We live, we are in the present, this gives us the leverage to create a good future.” 

For more about Prof. Shermon Cruz body of futures thinking and strategic foresight work, check

Pull Quotes 

“The future has always been entangled with gaming”  Prof. Sohail Inayatullah 

“Foresight games are fun, serious, immersive, and playful platforms to experience alternative and desired futures and gain actionable insights. Foresight games help us to test ideas, designs, generate and simulate emerging futures and strategies.” Prof. Shermon Cruz  

Case Study Videos 

The Future is Now: Appreciating Strategic Foresight start at 23:49

Adaptive and Collaborative Leadership and Strategic Foresight Planning in Academic Institutions, start at 1:27:30 

Millennium Project Philippines Launch start at 6:44

The Philippines Futures Thinking Society Launch start at 47:47

Making the Future More Elastic start at 0:44

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