Masterclass Overview

Would you love a clutter free home but tired of training kasambahays? Would you love to train your kids but don't know how? Tired of serving and eating the same "ulam" again and again? Not enough space in the house?

Learn how to deal with clutter efficiently in this masterclass on 5S, the Japanese standard of organize. In this masterclass, Maan Cayabyab will take you through 5 simple steps to efficient home management.

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Why This Course

5S is a system for organizing spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely.

  • Save your time and energy by learning the 5S method!

  • Organize your space effectively

  • Home management tips

  • A clean and organized space reflects a clean and organized mind!

Meet your Instructor

Maan Cayabyab

Maan Cayabyab or Kayamaan,is a 5S mommy and home managers trainer, in addition to being a content creator, live streamer and mommy vlogger. She has been using the 5S method for 11 years now.

She created the course "Organized na Bahay, Organized na Buhay" to help mommies like her manage their time wisely at home during quarantine. It aims to develop more Proverbs 31 women and apply 5S in their homes. 


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What you’ll learn

  • Learning 5S in a very affordable price, this can be added to your credentials!

  • Plan a Menu for a month

  • Step by step guidance how to organize the house

  • 30 day daily activities, handouts and worksheets provided

What you get

  • Get 12 lessons structured to develop successful learners

  • Get unlimited access to downloadable worksheets, lessons & takeaways

  • Download and share your digital certificate

  • Exclusive access to Esme Community of Professional Learners and Educators to network

  • Exclusive access to “student only” Maan Cayabyab community

Payment options

Pay via Credit or Debit Card, Paypal

Other payment options available: BDO, BPI, Security Bank, GCash, 7-Eleven, GrabPay, (Message us on FB or Chat with us to avail these payment options)


About Maan Cayabyab

Therese Cardenas

The Nurturing Momma, Qatar UAE

“Virtually meeting Mommy Maan has been one of the greatest blessings any mom could ask for. She is like your favorite teacher in highschool where you need to learn the necessary skills to prep you for ‘when the time comes.’ Her workshop, Organized na Bahay, Organized na Buhay, is the blueprint to becoming a ‘Proverbs 31 Wife.’ She made me realize how important a woman’s role in her household is, and that every little thing we do for our family we are pleasing and serving God. Household chores is not just a routine, it is a way for us to bond as a family, too.”

Janice Lagman-Lizardo

Taekwondo Pomsae Champion, The Lizardo Squad

“Ate Maan was so awesome when I attended the online class for Organized na Bahay, Organized na Buhay because who doesn't like to be organized? I Learned a system that will make my life easier and less stressful as a homemaker. The most impactful thing I learned from the class is the importance of keeping things both clean and organized. Thankful that she does this virtually so moms at home can do it given our current situation! Definitely recommending it!”

Loriz Gajo

The Mommy Hacker Ph

“Being part of the Organized na Bahay, Organized na Buhay class is a tremendous life changer! It changed my view on organizing, and I became more effective in keeping our house clean and tidy for a long time! The discipline I learned is like gold for my family! So happy to lose ¼ of our stuff that has been cluttering the house for years, it’s like breathing fresh air! Thanks, Mommy Maan!”

Ginny Huyssen

Glory Fall Band

“Mommy Maan is such an amazing woman! Up until now the proverbs 31, hindi na mawala sa isip ko. And palagi ko siyang binabasa and praying na magawa ko sa tulong ni Lord. Mommy Maan is a blessing to us, sobrang nakakabilib. A lot of stuff, like the schedule making, has stuck with us and has definitely made things easier for us to manage our house”

Iam Echavez

Simplify With Mommy Iam

“The journey of letting go is very important, which is kind of hard especially with the mindset na ‘sayang, baka magamit pa.’ However, after seeing the result - syempre happy! Very satisfying and ang gaan sa pakiramdam. Ganda ng experience ko, mas minahal ko ang maging homemaker!”

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5S is a system for organizing spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely.

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